Swine Flu (H1N1) Mapping

   (It displays flu locations in Google Earth®, using StackSymbolTM)

Map of Swine Flu in North America*

How to display:
1. Install Google Earth® in your computer. (Free download.)
2. Click a diagram on the left.
3. Click "Open" to display it.
4. The number next to a plotted symbol denotes confirmed cases or deaths.

Map of Swine Flu in The World*

5. Click a plotted symbol to view more information at that location.
6. How to display both maps:.
a. Do steps 1 to 3 to display one of the maps, then minimize the display.
b. Click another diagram from the left.
c. Maximize the display from step a again. It will show both maps.
Click a diagram above to display

*Data Sources:
1. World Health Organization: http://www.who.int
2. Centers for Disease Control and Precention: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu
3. Public Health Agency of Canada: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca
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