StackSymbol-Photo Software Download
For free download (size = 72 mb),
please click a link below:
Download from site 1
Download from site 2

Quick way to create your own photo display and to share it, in a few minutes:
(It assumes you have installed StackSymbol-Photo and a Google account*.)
A. Create your photo display:
1. Put your photo files in local computer.
2. Run StackSymbol-Photo.
3. Click 'Next' in the first screen (make sure A.A1 = 'Local computer' and B = 'Create photo display').
4. Select photo files from computer, then click 'Open'.
5. Follow instructions to click 'Yes' or 'No' or 'OK' for 5 or 6 times. Your photo display will appear on the screen.
   (During this step, first time user has to login to Google account and to allow StackSymbol-Photo to access the account*.)
*For use in Mainland China, it does not need a Google account.
B. Share your photo display:
1. Click 'Social share' button from the display created in A.
2. Cick email button or one of the social media buttons to share it.

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